Why A Friendly Dental Staff Is Valuable

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In the dentist’s office, you will have the privilege to meet different kinds of people. The dentist is the main person and he is the most important person in the comprehensive dental team, but there are other people whom he works with and these people are also important to the success of the dental procedure.

The dental staff that the dentist works with may be composed of a dental hygienist, who works as a mini dentist with the capacity to perform basic hygiene procedures such as dental cleaning, tooth polishing, dental impressions and so forth; a dental assistant who works alongside the dentist and the hygienist during procedures, as an extra hand and who is in-charge of preparing the treatment room before and after the procedure; the dental secretary who mans the phone, makes appointments and receives patients as they arrive in the clinic; and the dental technician, whose technical skill is relied on for the fabrication and repairs of appliances and prosthetics. Together with the dentist, the entire teams works hard to give patients what they need. As a patient, you hope that your clinic of choice houses a group of very friendly dental staff because of the following reasons:

  • It becomes easier to book appointments. Booking appointments can be difficult sometimes, especially when it is hard to get a right fit with your dentist. When you are finding it hard to match your schedules, it is great to have a friendly dental staff who will make sure that you get a booking at your most convenient time.
  • You will feel more supported and cared for. While the dentist is working with you, he is busy focussing on the procedure so he does not really have time to pay attention to your fears. The dental staff working with the dentist usually takes care of supporting the patient during the procedure. In-charge of hand-holding, of telling the patient that everything is going to be okay and the like. When you have a friendly dental staff to rely on to care for you and support you, you will feel so much better.
  • Fears of dental appointments are alleviated easier. This is related to the previous point because the existence of an able supportive and caring staff redefines your experience in so many ways. Fear of dentists and dental treatments are common and the dental staff are aware of these things. By letting them know about your concerns, they can lend you an extra hand so that they can make things better for you.
  • Waiting in the reception room is least bearable. While the dental office is equipped with all kinds of things that means to entertain the patient or the patients’ companions while they wait, but it also helps that there are friendly dental staff to make things better. They will help to keep you at ease so that you would not feel so frightened. When things seem to be going wrong, they can help you and talk to you.
  • You will be guaranteed a more positive experience. When a patient attempts to define his experience in the dental office, he will look at it as a whole and not merely look at one aspect of the experience. In other words, when you define the kind of experience you had, the existence of a friendly staff will make a big difference because the staff will add a little extra character to the experience. When the dentist is good and nothing good can be said about his staff, your satisfaction about the dental appointment is not going to be complete.

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